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Laterolog 3; also referred to as a Focused Resistivity Log, LL3, RLL3 or Guard Tool

The Laterolog 3, like the Electric Log, is a galvanic resistivity device using 3 electrodes instead of two. The current flows from the main electrode located at the center of the tool, varying in density as a function of formation conductivity. A zero potential gradient is maintained with the other two electrodes. This array focuses the current into a disc that is approximately 4 inches thick.

Under standard conditions, where the medium is constant and homogenous, the tool can fully resolve beds as thin as 4 inches.

In fresh water formations of sedimentary material, the resistivity measured with Laterolog 3 is primarily a function of grain size, grain distribution and sorting.

The Laterolog 3 is an excellent correlation log with the Gamma-Ray, Sonic Velocity and other logs in water or mud-filled boreholes.

The 5-point calibration provides a dynamic range for various formation types, with excellent bed resolution. The tool also has a gamma-ray sensor. The log comprises (2) separate measurements:
  • RLL3 Laterolog 3 Resistivity
  • GR Gamma Ray

The Laterolog 3 is normally run in conjunction with the Electric Log,  wherethe data is presented side by side and overlaid for ease in correlating.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image of the LATEROLOG 3 sample.

Download PDF of LATEROLOG 3

Download PDF of Laterolog 3 Tool Specifications

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