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The Newest Line of Pacific Surveys Tools

EMT-24: Casing Inspection

Using pulse eddy current (PEC) technology, the EMT-24 measures wall thickness, ascertains corrosion and detects damage/wear, inside and outside of all metal casings (including stainless steel). Providing valuable data to make sound decisions when considering rehabilitation, stimulation for production enhancement and asset management. The most innovative solution for understanding casing integrity for steel cased groundwater wells. Learn More


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 

NMR directly measures the amount of fluid in rock formations. It looks solely at the water content within the pore space by exciting the proton spin and magnetic moment of hydrogen atoms (quantum properties). It is the only tool that can provide direct measurements on mobile and bound water within the pore space. Total porosity, mobile and bound water content are directly measured, and hydraulic conductivity/transmissivity can be accurately estimated. Learn More

Mount Sopris Wireline Digital Camera

Wireline Camera 360° View

Advanced video processing techniques, front-facing, and full 360-degree side view footage is recorded simultaneously. Capture the entire hole in a single pass and perform a comprehensive review of the entire hole afterward. Learn More