Acoustic Borehole Televiewer


Creates a 360⁰ acoustic image of the borehole face, split along the north axis and presented as a two-dimensional graph. Features such as fractures, vugs, and bedding planes become apparent. The orientation of these features is determined using a three-axis fluxgate magnetometer and accelerometer, which aid in determining strike and dip.

The image is corrected for borehole deviation and declination. Integrated analysis can provide various depictions of data (e.g., Rose Diagrams, Polar Plots, Frequency, etc.). Provides information on borehole geometry by use of the acoustic caliper. Sonde is run in a fluid-filled borehole of either drilling mud or water. Useful when core retrieval is not 100% or no core is retrieved.

Other uses are casing inspection of steel pipe and determining well construction of the annular space surrounding PVC casing (see case study).

Acoustic Borehole Televiewer Log Report