Spinner (Flowmeter)


Spinner/Flowmeter measures vertical fluid velocity in a pumping or non-pumping well. A sensor counts the revolutions of a mechanical impeller as the tool descends or ascends in the well. A production profile of the pumping well can be determined over the entire perforated interval. With a continuous record, Q values from any interval can be measured without interpolation. Hydraulic conductivity can be derived, aiding in well design and ascertaining production problems. Combined with our depth-specific fluid sampling system, the spinner can determine the concentration of specific constituents when the chemical analysis is available. In non-pumping wells, the spinner can locate confining zones and calculate fluid velocity between zones.

Spinner diameters are either 1” or 1 11/16”. The length can range from 24” to 5 ft, depending on the configuration. The 1” spinner is primarily used in small tubing or when the need arises to pass tight clearances, such as pump bowls.

Spinner/Flowmeter Log Report