Optical Borehole Televiewer


Diameter: 1.6″

Length: 65″

Weight: 15.4 Lbs.

Max temp: 122° F

Max pressure: 200 bars

Borehole diameter: 1 3/4″ to 24″ depending on borehole conditions

Digital Data Transmission: up to 500 Kbps depending on wireline, real-time compressed

Sensors: Sensor type: downhole DSP-based digital CCD camera

Optics: Plain polycarbonate conic prism system

Azimuthal Resolution: 90/180/360 or 720 pixels /360°

Vertical Resolution: depth or time sampling rate

Color Resolution: 24-bit RGB value

White Balance: automatic or user adjustable

Aperture & Shutter: automatic or user adjustable

Special Functions: User configurable real-time digital edge enhancing User configurable ultra-low light condition mode

Orientation: 3-axis magnetometer and 3 accelerometers

Inclination Accuracy: 0.5 degree

Azimuth Accuracy: 1.0 degree.

Optical Borehole Televiewer Tool